National RX-5700

The National RX-5700 boombox is a Japanese domestic unit. We are unsure if a non-Japanese-domestic unit was ever produced (contact us with information if you know).

National RX-5700 boombox

RX-5700 advertising:

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It is a towering boombox (555 x 322 x 153mm), medium-large size with features galore. The speakers are not large (16cm and 5cm), and accordingly, the sound is not as warm as the slightly larger RX-7000 and RX-7200 models.

Power Output:

It allegedly provides 7.5 watts per channel, which is the same as an RX-7000, and 50% more than an RX-5150 or an RX-5500, both of which provide only 5 watts per channel. This is according to a National/Panasonic advertisement where all 4 of those models were described on the same page. But those measurements were based on the "EIAJ/DC" industry standard, and it is unknown how that is calculated or how much distortion is allowed.


The beautiful analog meters scream classic, and the generous music search features along with it's accompanying indicator LED's (below the tuner dial) give it a busy full featured look. The imitation wood grained finish gives it a refined look better suited as a home model rather than as a portable. Panasonic also created the same wood grained side finish on the RX-7000 and RX-7200 (but not the RX-5350). Unlike some other manufacturers like Sanyo, however, Pansonic did a great job with their versions which look very much like real wood until you feel them. This model is hefty and has a solid feel to it. As most boomboxes 35+ years old require significant cleaning and deoxidation of the controls and switches to function at their best, this model is no exeption, being probably equally if not more prone to oxidation in the controls, due to being sold in Japan where saltwater corrosion is common.

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