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Question: Do I need to register (login) in order to use this website?

No, you may peruse as you like. However, there may be features unavailable to you as an anonymous user. As we are still in the process of developing the website, we are still undecided what additional priviledges will be granted to registered vs anonymous users.

Question: How Do I register?

At the top right corner, you should see a Log In button link. Click on that and click on the register link. You will need to enter a passcode. The passcode to enter is: BoomboxLover
The passcode is case sensitive and must be entered EXACTLY like it is spelled above, complete with exact (like above) upper and lower case characters.

Question: What is the registration passcode and why do I need it?

The passcode is an additional field which we require to prevent spambots from automatically registering fake accounts for the sole purpose of spamming our site. Because a robot is unable to read the FAQ's to determine what the passcode is, this eliminates the chances of a spam robot entering the code and leaping this hurdle to become a member. Our Passcode is currently: BoomboxLover
Important note: We have been getting emails about the passcode not working. Please remember that the passcode is EXACTLY like it is above. Do not change case, or add spaces or anything. Copy and paste it if you have trouble.

Question: I registered but still can't login.
Answer  There are several steps and one of the steps may require an admin to manually review and validate the registration form. This means that it could take several hours but usually within a day to validate. Please be patient. If you are unable to Login after 48 hours, please send us an email at: Admin at WikiBoombox.com and we will look into it.
Question: I am registered but can't create or edit wikis?
Answer  At the present time, only Contributors can edit and create wiki pages, or articles. If you are interested in becoming a Contributor, please send us a message and a brief introduction of yourself so we will know who will be helping us develop content for our site. Also see the Content Contributions wiki page for additional information.

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