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The CK was a portable component system, or boombox, made by Pioneer.

People who own these systems usually refer to them as CK-3, CK-5, CK-7, or CK-11. These "systems" are actually prepackaged by Pioneer in this configuration.
But the CK series is also a "mix and match" system, because you could buy and combine any amp or tape deck or speakers you wanted.


Tuner/Amps (receivers):

As you can see in the photograph below, there was a choice of 3 receivers: The FA-C3, the FA-C5, and the FA-C7T. Each of them have the same power ouput (12.5 watts per channel RMS at 6 ohms from 60 to 20,000 Hz at 5% THD). The difference is, the FA-C7T has a digital tuner, while the other two have analog tuners. Also, the FA-C5 and FA-C7T features a graphic equalizer, while the FA-C3 has bass and treble sliders.


And if someone wanted more power, they could add the M-C11 Stereo Power Amplifier, which boasted 30 watts per channel RMS at 6 ohms from 40 to 20,000 Hz at 5% THD.


Tape decks:

Here are the 3 different tape decks offered:

  • CT-C9W: Twin-deck
  • CT-C8: Autoreverse
  • CT-C3: Entry-level



For speakers, there was the CS-C7 which has coaxial 2-ways with 3.5" tweeters that were
mounted inside flat woofers. Then there's the CS-C11 which is the same speaker but with
a ribbon tweeter added on top of it.


NOTE: There was another speaker, shown below, that was sold only with the "CK-3" system.
It is called the CS-C3 and it has a traditional round 12cm woofer and a 2.5cm ceramic tweeter.


Finally, there was even a turntable available (the PL-C7).


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