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The Rotel RPM-10 is a rare, 3-piece hifi-anlage or "ghettoblaster" from the year 1982. There is a re-branded version (or "AKA") called the Nikko NPS-50, which is much darker in color.

The RPM-10 was available with two different speaker choices. The "MKII" speakers have square grills, while the others have round grills. According to the owners manual, the Rotel's woofers are 4 inches, the tweeters are 2.25 inches, and there is a 3,300Hz crossover between them. The impedence rating is 8 ohms, and the sensitivity is 92dB/W. According to collectors, it sounds magnificent. That's not surprising, considering Rotel's good reputation in the hi-fi world.

The owners manual says power output is 12 watts per channel (FTC Minimum) between 40 and 20,000 Hz, into 8 ohms, with no more than 1.0% total harmonic distortion. Maximum RMS power is 15 watts per channel, and "Music Power" is 25 watts per channel. This is all with AC mains operation. If you are using batteries instead, the output will drop by more than 50%.

Bass control: +/-10dB, 100Hz
Treble control: +/-10dB, 10,000Hz
Loudness switch: +/-7dB @ 100Hz, +/-3dB @ 10,000Hz
Tape deck wow & flutter = 0.05% WRMS
Frequency response (-20dB) = 30 to 16,000Hz +/-3dB when using Metal tape.
Dimensions: 56cm long



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