Virtually every consumer electronics manufacturer makes (or made) boomboxes. Some of them are so rare that even today, it is not uncommon to find a model that no collector has ever seen before, almost like a biologist discovering a new species. Sometimes it will be nearly identical to another model, with the same body shell and electronics, but with different cosmetic trim and a different brand name. We call those AKA's.

On this website, we focus on boomboxes from the late 1970's and beyond. Shown below is a list of every brand we know about. The list is constantly growing!! Manufacturers often created multiple brand names to use in different countries or different retail store chains.

Click the manufacturer to see the models they sold:

There are probably many other brands, especially small obscure 1-model brands. If any are missing that you wish to share, please feel free to direct any missing brands and model numbers to the owner of this website, and we will update the list.

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