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To some, the Panasonic RX-5350 is a JVC RC-M90 killer. It is a large and powerful boombox,. Energized by 10 x "D" cell batteries and 8" woofers, it definitely rocks the house. The woofer drivers themselves have large magnets and a frame basket reminiscent of car woofers more than boombox speakers. A 5-band graphic equalizer allows wider sound shaping capability than the basic bass/treble controls typically featured on most mid to upper range boomboxes. The tuner features a weighted tuner knob/drum assembly that feels more like a piece of home equipment than a portable radio. The tuner itself is fantastic with excellent reception. The main electronic circuit board is a double sided design with traditional copper foil on the bottom but the topside employs traces (and some components) made of a carbon type material. This type of design has been known to result in degraded traces and failed printed components if the set was stored under certain environmental conditions. Another common issue with this model are failed power switches that renders the radio and line/phono functions inoperative unless the tape deck functions are activated. Although the upside down styling (tuner dial below) does not jive with the traditional boombox design, it nevertheless is a popular model that is coveted and ranks high up on many collectors "to-acquire" list. This is a "holy grail" amongst boombox collectors.

Panasonic RX-5350

Panasonic RX-5350 Image Image Image Panasonic RX-5350 Panasonic RX-5350 Panasonic RX-5350

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