The JVC RC-M71 has exactly all the same features of the silver JVC RC-M70 but is instead trimmed in gold/champagne like the JVC RC-M75. Like the M75, this also is not a common model but they do come up for sale once or twice a year if you are looking. This one is sporting an original JVC carry strap as well.

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You wouldn't know it but this example of the M71 was destined for the dump. It has gone through a full restoration to a point. The owner of this example decided he didn't need it to turn out perfect when done, rather it just needed to shine again. The front case was repaired and repainted. Tuner window was sanded and polished. An amber tuner/white VU meter LED kit is installed that was purchased from www.Analogalley.com(external link). See the before thumbnails below.

Here is the closest paint match to a M71/M75 that we could determine.

1988 Porche
Code: M1U
Linen Gray - effect

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