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Aiwa TPR-950

The TPR-950 from Aiwa is one of the benchmarks for boombox sound quality. The precision and detail that come from these speakers is amazing for such an old model. There just aren't many other 1-piece ghettoblasters that produce treble with such accuracy. And the bass is nice and warm too. Plus, the Wide setting is fantastic. How does it compared to other boomboxes? Well, it has all the clarity and detail of a Panasonic RX-5500, but with more bass, and of course a Wide setting.

Its dimensions are 490x370x130 mm. The speakers are 160 and 52mm. It weighs 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg) not including batteries. It takes 6 D-cells, and it's amazing what it can do with so few batteries. It's very efficient.

The service manual can be purchased HERE.(external link)




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Stylewise, it looks a lot like the Aiwa TPR-955. However, there are some differences, as listed below:

TPR-950 vs TPR-955....

  • 950 has dial light, 955 does not
  • 955 adds music search feature
  • 955 adds programable timer feature
  • 955 plays metal Fe-CrO2 tapes; 950 plays CrO2.
  • 955 has slightly more output power than 950
  • 955 has slightly lower distorion in tape playback section
  • 955 recording bias frequency is slightly higher than 950
  • 950 has slightly better FM stereo separation
  • 955 has slightly better tape stereo separation


  • •950: 4-IC's, 1-FET, 46 Transistors, 17 diodes and 3-LED's
  • •955: 11-IC's, 1-FET, 54 Transistors, 34 Diodes, 5-LED's.

The following Brochure images couretesy of collector NZ Boom

Aiwa TPR-950 Boombox
image courtesy of NZ Boom


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