National RX-7200

The RX-7200 was one of the highest-quality and best-sounding ghettoblasters ever made. Actually, one cannot really call it a ghettoblaster, because it doesn't have the right "look" to be carried on the street. It was probably intended to be used indoors, by older and more affluent people. It was the equivalent of today's "executive sound system". In fact, it looks a lot like a quality home stereo system. And really, if you put it on top of a quality table or stand, it looks right at home. You could operate it with an optional wired remote control with a 16-foot cable (part number RD-9840 or Technics RP-9645).

Not only does this radio look high-quality, it is in fact very high quality in build and design, as well as sound. And it has power to spare as well.


The rear compartment houses 10x "D" Batteries for 15volts in case portable use is desired. It is spacious and has enough room to store the AC power cord simultaneously with batteries. One nice thing about this model is that the wood finish on the case, although it is actually "simulated" wood, is done really well and looks like the real thing, without the downsides of a natural degradable product. Some other manufacturers (notably Sanyo) has tried to create a simulated wood cabinet as well but looked cheap compared to the Panasonic ones, which is top notch.

The model enumeration suggests it may be a successor to the Panasonic RX-7000 or perhaps it was just a higher model. It is bigger (24x14x7 inches) and more expensive (145,000 yen suggested price!). Its speaker sizes are identical (16cm and 5cm), but it is 67% more powerful than the RX-7000 (12.5 watts per channel by the EIAJ/DC standard, versus 7.5 watts per channel for the RX-7000).

The other big difference is that it has a digital tuner with flourescent display, which is quite rare for a portable capable model (Panasonic also had other portables with a digital FL display such as the RF-2800, RF-2900). Unfortunately, since the RX-7200 is a Japanese domestic model and was never released worldwide the FM band is limited to the Japanese frequency range of 76-90MHz and the AM portions tune via 9khz steps instead of 10khz. There is limited information on the tuner control IC module (MN6045E) but what is clear is that this particular chip does not support 10khz AM tuning steps so it could not be reprogrammed for that purpose. However, this chip does support dual 76-90 and 88-108 FM bandwidth, so it is possible to reprogram it for that purpose. Read this article(external link) regarding reprogramming the tuner for 88-108 support as well as activating an additional tuning digit.

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