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JVC CX-500

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This is a Radio Cassette Boombox produced by JVC that includes a color television. Even with the built in television, radio tuner, and cassette player recorder, this device is still reasonably sized. In fact, it is quite high quality, with a sturdy feel and quite a bit of heft. It can be stood up like a conventional boombox, or placed laying down propped up by it's handle for a convenient viewing angle when watching the television. Due to migration from analog television broadcasts to digital, at least in the USA, the popularity of these devices have dropped significantly, and these once very expensive sets could be purchased for quite inexpensive nowadays. For those uninterested, that won't mean much. However, for the collector that likes high quality built sets, these are now a bargain.

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JVC CX-500me Boombox
image courtesy of NZ Boom


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