Technics SC-HD505

The SC-HD505 is a mini component system that was produced by Technics in the late 1990's. It consists of 4 separate components and 2 speakers. Each of the components has its own model number, as follows:
Amplifier: SE-HD505
Tuner: ST-HD505
CD Player: SL-HD505
Tape Deck: RS-HD505
Speakers: SB-HD505.


The amplifier employs a bi-amp design, with separate amps for high and low frequencies. This means there are 4 wires going to each speaker. Power output is described very conservatively, which is customary for Technics. The woofer amp produces 10 watts per channel from 40 to 5500 Hz into 6 ohms, at only 1% total harmonic distortion (THD). The tweeter amp produces 5 watts per channel from 5500 to 16000 Hz into 6 ohms, at only 1% THD. If Technics had rated this system at 10% THD like most mass-market brands do, or at its peak output point instead of across a wide frequency range, then the output would have undoubtedly been much higher.

The speakers have very thick walls, and are heavier than expected for a mini system. They weigh 8.7 lbs each. Another unique thing about this system are the blue LED accent lights that can be turned on and off.

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