Panasonic RX-M70M3

This Panasonic RX-M70M3 boombox is being sold right now in the year 2015, mostly in Asia and the Middle East. It's manufactured in Indonesia. And it's a strange one. eek First of all, it has 3 speakers (10cm, 4cm, and 1.5cm), but the sticker says "dual cone speaker". Does that mean the woofer has a wizzer cone? No, looks like a regular chrome dustcap to me.

Oh, and notice the sticker says Bi-Amp. Really? On such a small, cheap boombox? What's the point?

Gotta love the 30 watt claim. Of course, that's PMPO (peak music power), which is basically bullshit.

It is 324mm wide, weighs 1.8kg without batteries, and takes four D-cells.



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