Palladium 494-550

This phat-looking Palladium 494/550 ghettoblaster is loaded with buttons that feel great to use. They click with a smooth "snick". The knobs are nice too. They are smooth and have good resistance. And the tuning knob is flywheel-weighted!

Its dimensions are 548 x 368 x 137mm (handle up). It weighs 7.1 KG without batteries. The woofers are 16cm and the tweeters are 5.2cm. There are re-branded versions including the Beston 4000, Stag RR-1048, and Wilco CRS-1047.



Whoever built it was probably the same manufacturer that built the Clairtone 7979, because it shares the same touch-sensitive, capacitive LED meter technology. See the photo above. When you touch the tuner knob, the meter displays tuning strength. But when you are NOT touching the tuning knob, the meter displays VU levels.

Image Image

Another feature shared with the Clairtone 7979 is the FM preset selectors, shown above. See the 4 vertical lines to the right of the digital clock? They help you set each of the 4 preset stations. There are 4 small knobs on top of the boombox, for setting the presets.


The tape deck is rather primitive, but at least the keys are shiny chrome.

Image Image Image

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