Wiki Review and specifications of the Grundig Party Center 2000 radiorecorder

Grundig Party Center 2000

There were many Grundig ghettoblasters named "Party Center", but the 2000 was the best quality. It acheived the prestigous DIN 45-500 German hifi quality rating. It uses discrete power transistors instead of the more ordinary integrated component amplifiers found in most boomboxes. Power output is a claimed 2x15 watts RMS (or 2x25 watts "music power").

It was sold in 1984 in at least 3 different color choices, some with round trim rings around the speakers, others with plain square grills. It weighs 21.6 lbs (9.8 kg) without batteries.

The digital tuner is very high quality, with very low background noise. The tape deck is a very smooth, 3-motor logic design. Unfortunately most of these decks don't work anymore, because there is a gear inside made of cheap plastic or nylon, and it becomes brittle over time and cracks. And nobody sells a replacement for it.

image courtesy of Chordeater
image courtesy of Chordeater

Good Things:

  • Very detailed sound quality..... excellent for jazz and classical
  • Smooth, 3-motor tape deck
  • Excellent tuner with low noise levels
  • Shiny knobs
  • Powerful amp

Bad Things:

  • The tape deck malfunctions due to a gear that cracks with age. No replacement has been found.
  • The knobs are just plastic, and they don't offer much resistance.
  • The speakers are lightweight and plastic-walled.
  • The woofers are oval, which limits aftermarket options.
  • The tweeters are cheap piezos that don't produce much sound.
  • Sometimes the display screen fades over the years.




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