Review, video and comparison of Universum CTR-2605 (Super Sound 16000) ghettoblaster boombox

Universum CTR-2605

This Universum CTR2605, also called the Super Sound 16000, is a great-sounding ghettoblaster. In fact, it won a sound test in a German consumer ratings magazine. It sounds almost as good as a Sanyo M9994. It has warm bass, precise treble, an excellent Stereo Wide mode, and crystal-clear, removable acrylic on the tuner dial and tape door.

This image courtesy of Chordeater
This image courtesy of Chordeater

You can find this boombox on Ebay Germany every single week. They do not sell for high prices, probably because it's very common, and looks rather plain.

The Telefunken CR-8200 is an AKA made for the North American market.

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