Sencor SPT-330

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The SPT-330 "Big Badger" ghettoblaster was introduced in 2014 or 2015 by various European retailers. It is Sencor's imitation of the old JVC Kaboom. Like the Kaboom, it is a tube-shaped radio with a carrying strap. It has a radio tuner, CD player, Aux In, USB host and SD card reader. Its dimensions are 622(W) x 251(D) x 230(H) mm. It takes 10 D-cell batteries, and it supposedly puts out 2 x 10 watts RMS. What's funny is, they don't even tell you how many speakers it has - 2 or 4? If the ones on the sides were real, they'd be bragging about it, but they don't, so I'm betting they're fake. Or maybe they're just passive radiators. But if they're passive radiators, why does it have bass ports too? Or are those fake? Who knows — I'm not going to waste my money buying one just to investigate.


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