Sencor sold many radios in Europe during the 1970's and 1980's. The brand name was created in 1969 by Celtone, an Aiwa distributor in Japan. But it is unknown who actually manufactured the products. They were definitely made somewhere in Asia, but there were other employees in Europe who handled the design work and the sales and marketing. Some of their radios have a badge that says "Designed in Switzerland, Made in Japan".

Currently they are headquartered in the Czech Republic. You can read about them here: http://www.sencor.eu/brand-sencor(external link)
They sell everything from TV's to toasters to MP3 players. Philips is their main competitor.

Some boomboxes made by Sencor are listed below:

Sencor S-4500
Sencor S-4540
Sencor S-4800
Sencor S-4850
Sencor S-5000
Sencor S-5400
Sencor SPT-280
Sencor SPT-300
Sencor SPT-330

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