Goldstar is believed to be a South Korean company. In 1958, Goldstar (electronics) merged with Lucky and became Lucky-Goldstar. In fact, some boomboxes such as the Lasonic Branded ones feature speakers that clearly have Lucky marked on their magnets. Today, Lucky-Goldstar is known worldwide as the huge LG company selling everything from cell phones to refrigerators. For the purposes of this website, we are mainly interested in their audio products. Some of those models are listed below:

  • Goldstar TSR-540
  • Goldstar TSR-560
  • Goldstar TSR-571
  • Goldstar TSR-580
  • Goldstar TSR-581
  • Goldstar TSR-641
  • Goldstar TSR-801
  • Goldstar TSR-900
  • Goldstar TSR-951
  • Goldstar TWS-6061

Did we miss something? Please advise us so we can update this list.

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