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Uher Mini-Port

The Uher Mini-Port is an AKA of the Universum HiFi 1000. It has the same 18 watts per channel RMS @ 1% THD. The difference is, it has better woofers that can tolerate more bass. It's a serious heavy-hitter. It was offered in both silver and black. It is not really a ghettoblaster, because it does not have a battery compartment. It is AC only (220 volts).




Uher sold two different speakers with this model. The ones pictured above are the most common. The ones pictured below are less common. They are smaller, but according to Stereo2go member hifitom, they have even better bass.

Uher Miniport boomobx
image courtesy of Chordeater



  • Metal-finned tuning capacitor.
  • High power, strong bass.
  • 3 meters (power, tuning, and VU).
  • Lighted tuner needle.
  • The bass, treble, and balance knobs have center detents.


  • The treble isn't very detailed
  • The tape deck doesn't have music search.
  • No Stereo Wide.
  • The knobs are just plastic.
  • 220 volts only......No battery compartment.
  • The speaker cables use DIN connectors instead of universal posts.

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