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This is a new Wiki installation. Please be patient as we build this project. It will take time as this site is currently volunteer based. More content will be steadily added.

The mission of this website is to serve as a data repository archive of boombox and portable audio equipment related information. It is published by a boombox collector hobbyist.

Site goals include:
• Promote boombox collecting as hobby
• Promote preservation and restoration of boomboxes
• Increase knowledge and awareness of boomboxes
• Document any known history of boomboxes
• Document specifications of boomboxes

Please visit us at a later time when the site development is progressed further.

In the meantime, I invite you to visit our parent website where we sell owners and service manuals for electronics of all kinds: AnalogAlley.com(external link) . Analogalley is currently sponsoring this Wiki and questions should be directed via the contact us link there.

If you are a avid hobbyist with extensive knowledge of boombox collecting, and wish to contribute content for this site, please send an inquiry. .

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