GE 3-6035A

The 3-6035A is a slim, lightweight boombox from General Electric. It weighs only 12.0 lbs (5.4 kg), yet it goes louder than most 14-15 lb boomboxes. And it is slim and smooth, making it very easy to carry. The sound is very clean and detailed as well. The mids are very accurate. The bass isn't very deep, but there's still more bass than you'd expect for such a thin box.

In addition, it possesses a daring, unconventional design: Low and mean, like a sports car. It's a lesson in clean design, unlike most manufacturers whose boxes were twice as big for no reason other than to boost the ego of small-minded consumers.

It takes 8 D-cells, and has soft-touch keys and FM presets.




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Pictures courtesy of Boeingman777

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