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Mission Statement:

The WikiBoombox mission is to serve as a data repository archive of boombox and portable audio equipment related information. It is published by a boombox collector hobbyist.

Site goals include:

  • Promote boombox collecting as hobby
  • Promote preservation and restoration of boomboxes
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of boomboxes
  • Document any known history of boomboxes
  • Document specifications of boomboxes and personal audio devices (walkmans, etc)

How to use this site:

The heart of this webiste is the wiki. We will list the known manufacturers. Each manufacturer that has more than 1 known model will have it's own wiki page, and those models are listed on that page. Each model shown that has a page will have a link. The path to get to a specific model page is generally as follows:

  • Home -> Manufacturers -> Brand -> Model page.
  • Home -> Search -> Search Result.

Features of this website are:

  • Wiki pages for each Brand or manufacturers that sold models.
  • Image gallery
  • Articles for more artistic pages that have content beyond what is featured on a wiki page.
  • A search feature to search within WikiBoombox.
  • An internal PM (private message) system for registered users.
  • Favorites and watch features for registered users.
  • User customizable theme to change the look and feel of WikiBoombox.

Account Registration:

  • Some features of the website are not available to anonymous users. If you choose to register an account, please read the FAQ's section regarding registration first. A passcode is required for registration and the FAQ's will provide you information to get you started. Please note that registration may require additional action before you can login. This may include responding to a site generated validation email or site administrator validation. Please allow some time if you are unable to login for this process to complete. However, if you remain unable to login after 48 hours, please contact us with details including the email address used to register your account (or send us an email using that account) and we will manually validate the account for you.

Current Status:

  • After a growth spurt, our developement has slowed down a lot. Nevertheless, new entries are still being added all the time. We are still growing, just not at the pace we initially did. This is to be expected since contributions to this site is largely volunteer based and time is contributed as available. Web traffic to WikiBoombox has exceeded expectations and we are proud that we are able to provide information to as many visitors as we do. If you visit daily, you might not see new additions from one day to the next. However, if you haven't been here in awhile, there's a good chance that there have been new additions since your last visit. If you are a registered user, you may see a box on the left sidebar titled "What's New." That's where you'll see what has changed since your last visit. If you'd like to contribute to the WikiBoombox in some way, whether time, or content, or financial, please contact the administrator.

Content Contributors needed.

  • If you are interested in helping us with content material, or with errors and corrections, please do not hesitate to send any such information to admin at wikiboombox.com More information regarding becoming either a direct or indirect contributor is available here. If you are an avid collector or enthusiast with good knowledge of portable personal audio gear, please consider becoming a content contributor.


This site is owned and sponsored by AnalogAlley.com(external link), an online store that sells Service and Owner's manuals for electronics of all kinds. If you have need for Service documentation to repair a boombox, please visit our parent website and search our archives there.

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