Toshiba RTS-913 - Bombeat 40

One of the most coveted and desirable boombox in the Toshiba line, if not in all of boombox collecting is the ultra rare Toshiba RTS-913 or Bombeat 40. Featuring a 3-way speaker system anchored by huge 8" woofers, relatively large size, it is the quintessential boombox. The design is the ultimate meld where beauty and beast peacefully coexist at the same time. The rare nature of this model along with it's attractive looks has predictably resulted in examples, even broken ones with lots of cosmetic issues selling for prices approaching the stratosphere.


Oddly, most of these radios were sold in South America. Only a few were sold in Europe and North America. The author of this page has had the pleasure and priviledge of experiencing both of the examples depicted below.

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NOTE: There is an even more rare gold and green version of this radio, which you can see on this page: http://www.shizaudio.ru/audio/categories.php?cat_id=19(external link)

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