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Sony FH-5

Sony FH-5 boombox Situated between the FH-3 and the Sony FH-7 is this Sony FH-5, which also happens to be a midlevel performer of the 3 series. This model can be considered a 3-piece model as it has detachable speakers from the center section. However, as the center section is comprised of multiple-pieces itself assembled together with metal brackets and topped off with a quick detachable handle, it is probably more appropriately called a portable mini component system. Nevertheless, with an internal battery compartment and carry handle, it is a true portable and boombox although given the weight and poor ergonomics, one probably wouldn't want to do more with the handle than to carry it from one room or place to another. It's definitely not a model one would want to be walking down the street with else the owner may discover later that one arm has become longer than the other! eek Sporting 3-way APM speaker system, this model is similar in appearance to the FH-7 including the LED lit equalizer slider tips. But instead of the digital tuner, the FH-5 has an analog tuner. Additionally, the FH-7 has separate preamp control and tuner modules whereas the FH-5 has an integrated preamp/tuner control module.

Size wise, this is a very compact system. Image This image shows the FH-5 sitting atop the Panasonic RX-CT980, also a 3-piece box. However, while the Panasonic only weighs 1/2 as much as the Sony, the sony is far more compact even given the modular center section. The tape deck is a very high quality deck, and features autoreverse as well as soft logic controls. Sound quality is excellent as befitting all examples of the Sony FH line; sound is very detailed, good solid bass (though not deep), and very sensitive speakers resulting in hall filling volume. This model was offered in silver or black color.

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