Sanyo M9998

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Black and business-like, with Dolby, AMSS music search, external microphones, and a sweet Stereo Wide setting......This Sanyo M9998 boombox was expensive for 1978.......Almost $500! That was more than a paycheck for most people at the time. It measures 655mm long and weighs 8.8 kg (19.2 lbs), not including batteries. It has 16cm woofers and 5cm tweeters. It puts out 8 watts per channel RMS, or 12 watts per channel "Music Power".

There were several versions of the M9998. The regular one is pictured below.

Image Image Image

Then there's the M9998K, shown below. It has a 4-position voltage selector which enabled it to be sold internationally. It also had a 5-band tuner and a few other differences, such as chrome dustcaps and chrome legs. (The example shown below had aftermarket LED's installed to illuminate the meters.)


Then there was the "LU" model which apparently was sold in certain Euro markets.


And finally there was the MR-X900, which was sold in Japan:


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